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The True Portuguese Flavor

Here we serve authentic Portuguese food

Meats & Fish and Seafood

Experience the ultimate meat feast at our restaurant & don't forget the taste of the sea - without leaving the city

Party Packs

Our party packs feature a variety of our most popular dishes, including appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts, giving you the flexibility to customize the perfect menu for your event.

Sangria & Wines

Enjoy our selection of Portuguese wines and sangria, perfect for any meal. From crisp Vinho Verde to full-bodied Douro reds. Our sangria is made with fresh fruit and premium spirits, offering a fruity and refreshing alternative.



We bring the flavors of Portugal - to your plate.

One of the hallmarks of our cuisine is its use of simple, high-quality ingredients. Olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro are staples in many dishes, while seafood such as cod, sardines, and octopus feature prominently in coastal regions. Portuguese cuisine is also famous for its use of salt cod, which is prepared in countless ways, including fritters, stews, and grilled dishes.

In addition to seafood, our cuisine offers a wide range of meat dishes, including cozido, a hearty stew made with beef, pork, and vegetables, and feijoada, a bean and meat stew popular in the north of the country. 

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Looking for a delicious meal to enjoy in the comfort of your own home?

Look no further than our restaurant's takeout options!


Book your table

Don't wait until the last minute book your table today and enjoy a stress-free dining experience!

table with food
Tasty food, set inside a lovely restaurant.

It was a real incredible experience for me. The quality of the food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth forever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.



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